Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank You Republicans!

I want to thank John McCain and the rest of the Republicans in Congress for stagnating our economy by wasting our time and voting the way of the lobbyists. I pray that someone like Ross Perrot will be able to step up and kick your asses again in a meaningful way. I think that when most Americans who are now part of the Republican Party joined it was in the days when the Republican party was the common sense party. How can anyone who thinks laughing at wrecking our nation is a good thing? We need to recall all the congressmen in Arizona. Shaddegg and Kyle used to be the kind of congressmen that people talked about that stepped up to the plate, helped out the average citizen when they called his office, and pretty much earned a good reputation. John McCain on the other hand has had his hand in the "Dirty Politics Good Ole' Boy Committee for as long as he has been in office. His father in law made up his "War Hero" image and created what we see today. His wife was his friend's daughter while he was married. But, that wasn't good enough. Cindy had her share of faupaux as well. She was forced to resign and got in trouble for stealing drugs from an organisation she was working for.
Her father created her "princess" image since she was in high school. She always wore the nicest clothes, makeup, had her hair done right, even her high school yearbook pictures reflect her shining outer image that Mr. Hensley wanted the public to see. Now she is a rich person with no shame and a real extreme past. She lost touch with her friends, her life, and any sign of decency a long time ago. She accepted a marriage proposal from a married man. His name was John McCain. He is now an angry old man prone to fits and his cancer on his face is probably going to be a major concern for his family soon.

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