Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am Still Waiting

I am trying to think of something to thank the Republicans for. Let me see, there is all the Lobbyist parties they are having, getting rich off of our economy failing. And where are the guys who started this and keep it rolling? At the Pentagon. Good place for them, a five sided square, suitable for trying to pound a round peg into. I am tired of nothing changing, I am tired of nothing being done, I am tired of these idiots creating the same mess over and over.
Here is my list:

1) Thank you for a failed economy which endorses unlimited greed and eventually will lead us into socialism because the socialist countries are who we are borrowing money from.

2) Thank you for the unlimited greed that you endorse, produce, and promote with every day of our lives being destroyed. Those of us who can't stand one more day of being unemployed, undernourished, unable to change, unable to make a difference, unable to stop the greedy banks, insurance companies, and telecommunications companies from promoting themselves at the expense of our demise.

3) Thank you for stagnating health care reform in order to make the insurance companies richer so they will donate more to your campaigns for WRONG direction. In a society where men are supposed to take up arms to guard against Tyranny you are pasting that crosshair or bullseye on your own heads.

4) Thank you for creating a climate out there that will mean there will be NO MORE WORK.

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